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My rise from victim/survivor to victim advocate in 1983, was a journey that I wish would never have begun and the years since Patrick's murder have not changed those wishes. In my biography I present a brief outline of this transition that both defines and explains my journey and rise to the status of Victim Advocate. I also share my writings, that define and explain many of my theories and philosophies on victimization. It is my wish to enlighten, not to scare you and I pray that my efforts will smooth your journey through the treacherous world as a Victim / Survivor of Violent Crime.

Dick Cress

Dicks Biography


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I first learned the dangers of untreated Traumatic Stress during my wife’s battle with deadly Breast Cancer (1990-1993) and conversations with her many doctors, nurses, oncologists and cancer research fellows.


After her death in 1993, I didn’t give stress too much thought until I received a call for papers from the 9th International Symposium on Victimology. I can’t begin to name all those who encouraged me to respond and in time, I prepared and submitted two different abstracts, number 143 Stress Disorders-A New Classification’  and 144 Victims of Crime-Victims of Stress’ both on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and was shocked beyond belief when both abstracts were accepted. Thus my edification of PTS began to expand exponentially.


In the paper titled ‘Victims of Crime-Victims of Stress’ I present significant damages to the physical human experiencing these stressors but regrettably, I retained the term ‘Disorder.’ Sadly, this word when used in terms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder today implies a mental condition and nothing could be more inaccurate or wrong.


In time, I hope to revise these papers and drop the inaccurate and misleading term ‘Disorder’ and replace it as required with a term that describes it as an injury, an illness, rather than a mental condition as the current term ‘disorder’ implies.



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