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Patrick R. Cress




August 30, 1969 - April 30, 1983

Walk quietly in any direction and taste the freedom of the mountaineer.
John Muir

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into  you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and storms their energy . . .

John Muir


Patrick was reported missing in the early evening of April 30, 1983. The police immediately assumed he was a runaway even though nothing indicated that possibility. The county sheriff did very little to help in our desperate search for him.

His brutalized body was recovered 18 days later. He had been murdered the evening we reported him missing April 29, 1983.

After a two week investigation the detective in charge of the case told us that they had come to a dead end and that we would have to wait until his killer (s) came in and confessed. The murder of any child should be more important that a two week investigation indicates.

My name is Patrick Cress and in 1983, I lived with my family in the Kingsgate area of King County.

 On April 30th or May 1st 1983 as best as anyone can tell, I was brutally murdered. My body laid in an overgrown area near I-405 and Juanita High School until I was found by a utility crew on May 18th. After a brief two week investigation the detective assigned to the case, (a robbery specialist) assigned to my MURDER, effectively ended work on the case and I became another Cold Case; today my murder remains unsolved. Since 1999, two excellent detectives have been working my 26 year old Cold Homicide Case.
Since then, they have completely rebuilt the case from square one; because of the inadequate investigation in May 1983, it has not been an easy task. The detective in charge of the case now is Mike Mellis. Ironically, he was a student at Juanita High School (a few yards from where I was recovered.) at this time.

The solution to my MURDER will hinge on the smallest, simplest, most insignificant bit of information. We have some questions that may help us get to this information and allow Justice to be served after all these years. The following is offered to help you think about the case and some of the information needed.


Within a day or two of my murder, a rumor started spreading at Kamiakin Jr. High School. The rumor was that I was dead and a brief description that ACCURATELY described how I was killed. This rumor indicates that someone had direct knowledge of where I was and the condition of my remains. This person may have stumbled on my body . . . hence the rumor; or it is possible that this person may have direct knowledge of what happened to me. 

If you were in the Kingsgate area during April and May of 1983 and heard this rumor, I would appreciate it if you would call the Detective Millis or Crime Stoppers at 800-222-Tips to give them the information; it may just allow JUSTICE to be served after these many, many years. I would appreciate it and I know that my surviving family and I would be eternally grateful. 


Did Patrick get into a car near the home where he was spending the night (April 29, 1983)? Our car was not in the area at the time since we were waiting for Patrick at the Juanita Firs Safeway Store as we arranged with him in the phone not more than an hour earlier. I know that he did not get into our car . . . so whose car was at the corner  of 110th Place NE near the house where Patrick spent the night of April 29, 1983? What color was it? Was it your car?


On May 13, 1983 there was a party at the home of Bill and Steve Gibson. If you were at this party we need to talk to you. We know that the rumor about Patrick was discussed at this party and need to get more information about this discussion.


If you heard the rumor from someone and were warned or threatened not to tell, we need to know this as well as who warned or threatened you.



Please be sure to visit My FaceBook Page too.    Patrick's Facebook Page


There are many unsolved violent crimes in King County Washington; homicides, missing persons and other violent crime cases. You may even know something about Patrick's Case or some of the other cases.

You may even think that this information is not important . . . but it could very well be the missing link that could solve Patrick's case; if you have any information about Patrick's Case  or any other unsolved felony crime please call . . .

 Crime Stoppers at  (800)-222-TIPS

Crime Stoppers tip line is toll free and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Washington's Most Wanted at (206)-684-8580
On Patrick's Case you my also call
King County Sheriff's Deputy Mike Mellis (206)-205-7470

You can remain completely anonymous - - we will not ask your name.
You will be given a code number.
Call back with your code number to check the status of your tip.
Tips that lead to a felony arrest are eligible for a cash reward of up to $1000.00.
Some unsolved felony cases have additional reward money available. All additional rewards are provided by other donors.

Washington's Most Wanted

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