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National Sexual Assault Hotline


"The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) is the nation's largest anti-sexual assault organization. RAINN operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1.800.656.HOPE and carries out programs to prevent sexual assault, help victims and ensure that rapists are brought to justice. Inside, you'll find statistics, counseling resources, prevention tips, news and more."

When you call the 800 number in a sexual
assault case, RAINN's technology automatically transfers your call to the center nearest the caller's location.

Canadian Corruption
Sexual Abuse & Political & Legal Conspiracy. RCMP Incompetence & Cover up. Priors Of Grand Bank NFLD Canada


When the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is the criminal who did this to my family, where can I get Justice. My family has been destroyed by Corruption, we're left without even basic human rights. When the Government & Legal system are the Organized CRIME, they honor CHILD RAPEST.

The Federal Government is allowing the Credibility & Reputation of the Police & The Legal System, to be destroyed to protect ONE Corrupt Lawyer, Politician, Judge, Child Rapist & now member of THE ORDER OF CANADA .This man has broken every law he swore to protect. Because this X-Justice Minister and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, raped and impregnated my

12 year old sister, and covered it up his entire career, no one will help us. To this day, no lawyer will represent me and the legal system will do nothing to help. The last lawyer I asked to represent me, told me, if any lawyer tried to represent you, it would mean the end of their career. Visit my web site at http://maxpages.com/sexualabuse ask all your friends to e-mail our Prime Minister, Mr. Paul Martin, and ask him for Justice.

pm@pm.gc.ca and our Premier Mr. Danny Williams at premier@gov.nl.ca



Surviving rape

Although Kathy passed away some time ago her words and wisdom are just as valid today so we have chosen to leave them on the page.

Being a survivor of gang rape, I understand how hard it is to really feel like a survivor and believe that life will ever really matter again, but it will. It won't be the same as before, but it will matter again. There are many feelings and thoughts that you will need to process and a lot of garbage to discard and tears to shed, but you can survive.

You are not to blame for what someone else did to you; you are 100% innocent and the victim...hugs... You deserve all the facts and support available in order to help you survive and heal. You deserve e-mail support, family support and support from your friends and from a local rape support group if one is available in your area.

I also realize that it can be extremely difficult to seek help in person in the beginning of your journey to heal. However, thankfully there are many websites available on the internet filled with facts and helpful information on rape and help in surviving this horrible ordeal.

There is a link below and from there you can go to my pages and to Survivor Links for more sites with helpful information and people you can email for support. Any one of them will be happy to answer your questions; be a sounding board if you need to rant and rave, or just offer a lending ear while you release the tears. One or all of us could be the connection you need to keep moving forward and we are but a mouse click away.

Never give up your right to heal and be the best person you can be again. You are worth it and you are strong enough to take the steps that healing require, if you weren't, you wouldn't still be reading this page now....hugs...

Kathy Lilley

Click here to download Kathy's articles

  • Rape is: Robbing A Person's Esteem

  • Survivor is: Surrendering Unwanted Rubbish, Verifying Inner Values, Ordaining Rights Journey out of Night.


    Incest is such a small word for the vast devastation and destruction left in its path. A little girl, seven years old, lay with a pillow over her head to drown out the screams of her six year old sister being raped by her father in the next room. That was the beginning of ten years of sexual abuse to which I was subjected to by my father. My mind, with a wisdom all its own, has completely blocked out that night. My grandfather added to the horror by molesting me for about two years, often with my grandmother in the same room. I was the second of four girls, all sexually abused by my father and grandfather.

    I reported the abuse to the police when I was thirteen, after disclosing it to my nineteen year old boyfriend. I was pregnant and unsure of whether it was my father's or my boyfriends so decided I must tell. He convinced me to tell the police to protect my other sisters in the home. I did but it was 1960, and police did not believe incest victims then. Particularly in a family like mine. They reluctantly took my statement then demanded to know why I was angry with my father.

    They added to the trauma by immediately cutting off all contact with my boyfriend (my only source of support), calling my parents and informing them of the allegations I had made then sent me home on a bus! Needless to say, by the time I arrived home, the forces had rallied with denial, hostility and anger. I was hidden in a basement for two weeks by my grandmother, until the family cooled and I had agreed to apologize to my father and tell the police I had lied.

    Things were never the same after that. I went from being an honor student (scholarship and citizenship awards every year) to prostituting in Vancouver, and jailed twice, and court ordered back to the custody of my parents at age fifteen. Within weeks of my arrival home, the sexual abuse by my father began all over again so I married at age 16 to get out of the home.

    My story is one of hundreds of thousands, some more extensive, some less. The point is that it doesn't matter if it happened once or for ten years, the effects are just as devastating depending on what goes on inside your head. It is important to understand that you had no control over what happened to you as a child - you are not to blame. BUT you do have control over what happens in your life now. Sexual abuse doesn't have to be total devastation for the rest of your life. There is a better life for you out there. I can't fix things for you but I can give you some tools to rebuild with. What you do with those tools will be up to you. It's not so much what happens in your life that matters but what you choose to do with it. When you are ready to start seeking answers and take back your control, drop me a line and I will help in whatever way I can.

    I now have 8 granddaughters, ages 6 to 16, and not one has been sexually abused! This is the first of five generations without sexual abuse. The cycle can be broken but only you can make it possible. Breaking the silence, breaks the power and control of abusers

    Your reactions for now are normal for what you have been through. It took a long time to reach the point where you are now and it will "take more time" to rebuild and find the peace and happiness you so richly deserve.


    For our Canadian visitors I wanted to bring a new book to your attention.

    Outrage: Canada's Justice System on Trial by Alex MacDonald (ISBN 1-55192-230-4)  Author is a former B.C,. Attorney General and he asks the question Is Justice being served by Canada's current criminal justice system?  His answer is No and he provides a lot of factual evidence to back up his reasons for this belief. 

    An interesting read.


    A great resource for Child Abuse

    Liz (Seven) and Paul McLaughlin    
    Stop Child Abuse
    298 Huntington
    Eugene, Oregon 97405



    For additional HELP see our VICTIM RESOURCES Page

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