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I just received this idea from my great friend and associate Lesley and wanted to pass it on to our readers.

Freeze your family's DNA (hair follicles, and saliva) in separate marked pint-sized freezer bags then roll them up in an empty toilet tissue tube and place in a quart freezer bag and marked "FAMILY DNA". May not ever need it but can be crucial if you ever do.



Dick's BIO Washington State Governor Executive Summary on Missing Children Kathy.txt
Kathy was a rape survivor.
Crime Stress.pdf Final Report on the Ninth International Symposium on Victimology Victims and Survivors
Discussion on the Reclassification Terminology of PTSD Excerpt from The Value of a Smile on Grief NOVA  Articles.txt
Paper on Recognizing PTSD HEALING A FATHER'S GRIEF Starting a Victim Services Program
Victims View of PTSD
A Drunk Driving Victim/Survivor Speaks Survivors of Homicide Paper
Reaction to Crisis Dangers of Weight-Nutrition and Stress National DV Resources
This is an Excell Spreadsheet file
When a Brother or Sister are Murdered Victimization Timeline
This is an Excell Spreadsheet file
This is an Excell Spreadsheet file
Victim Witness Offices
This is an Excell Spreadsheet file
Postal Addresses
For Victims and Survivors

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Domestic Violence Wheels
Self Extracting File

Zip File

Domestic Violence Wheels
Self Extracting File

Zip File

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