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I just received this idea from my great friend and associate Lesley and wanted to pass it on to our readers.

Freeze your family's DNA (hair follicles, and saliva) in separate marked pint-sized freezer bags then roll them up in an empty toilet tissue tube and place in a quart freezer bag and marked "FAMILY DNA". May not ever need it but can be crucial if you ever do.

Susie Q-pons
Writins on Surviving and helping victims of Casncer Rutgers Online 


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Internet Directory of best websites;
Fully searchable and updated regularly.


My Breast Cancer Guide This website has been designed to shed light on every facet of this disease. If you are wanting a guide that explains this disease in easily understood words and thorough explanations which provide comfort through knowledge- YOU ARE RIGHT WHERE YOU BELONG!  Perfect Tribute Online Memorials - Perfect Tributes allows families and friends to create lasting online memorials for our loved ones.  Contribute your memories, photos or just sign the guestbook to show them your care. Ryan 

http://www.survSurviving Drug Addiction

Provides helpful information on how to overcome drug addiction, whether you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction.

<a href="http://html-color-codes.info" title="HTML color codes">HTML color codes</a>

Drug Information DrugWatch.com provides up-to-date information on the side effects  of common prescription and over-the-counter medications.


Each year nearly 1.5 million Americans are being harmed by prescription drugs and our site is devoted to giving readers a variety of information on how certain drugs can be particularly dangerous




Surviving domestic violence is within you. Let's discuss safety plans, self defense, protection tips, and home security. Let's also talk about children in domestic violence, pet custody, how to advocate for yourself and other resources to keep you safe. You will also find survival stories and encouragement.

Mesothelioma Symptoms



Description: This website is dedicated to those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), trauma and related disorders. It attempts to provide education to identify PTSD, the mechanism and resolution of Post-Traumatic Stress and which symptoms and conditions are related to PTSD and Developmental Trauma. Online counselling is offered to resolve Post-Traumatic Stress.

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Mike's Mobile Small Engines
PO Box 1321 Goldbar, WA 98251

Outdoor Power Equipment, Generator &Engine Specialist
On site service and repair.

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Golden Needle Quilting I'm Kimberly Burke, the expert quilter behind Golden Needle Quilting. With my Gammill-Statler Stitcher I produce beautiful, professional results, for all of your edge to edge and custom quilting needs.


http://www.worldwidehealthdirectory.com/dir/organizations.html http://www.philantha.net/page/organizations.html
http://www.optimumdirectory.com/dir/organizations.html http://www.nantale.com/page/organizations.html
http://www.elogicwebsolutions.com <a href="http://www.familyfuncartoons.com">A Kid-Friendly Family Site</a>With loads of Fun, family games, Funny Stuff and Entertainment.
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Private Investigator - Informational articles and useful resources from a real life New York Private Eye. Learn all about hiring a private detective, becoming a professional investigator or improving your skills as a licensed P.I. 

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 Relationships, Love, Parenting, Home, Health, and Fitness



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Mom and Dad Gang, prevention and rescue plan for vulnerable children enticed into street gangs. Drugs, alcohol, gangsta rap, graffiti, under-age sex

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Do you have great photos but don't know what to do with them? Learn how to create photograph gifts, cards, and cds, protect and restore photos with hundreds of photo project ideas.



What is my site about?...

Complete relationship advice for every type of relationship. From romantic dating to marriage and divorce, you will find your answers here
Family'>http://www.familyabc.net"target="_blank">Family ABC's, where family comes first, and our main goal is for one big happy family, worldwide. New Homes in Scotland
Miller Homes in Scotland New Property in Scotland. New houses, new apartments, luxury properties, new townhouses and investment properties in various locations throughout Scotland and England.



Media planning & buying, including digital from Space & Time Media
Media Planning  - Media planning & buying, including digital from Space & Time Media



The Roman Empire fell because of its selfish

ruling class. Will America replay the Fall of

Rome? The nature of policies on taxes,

government programs, media, war-fighting,

education and crime are compared in the two eras and the role of changing ideology is also


outdoor learning environment
Outdoor Learning is a vital element in a child's development and educational experience. It is a wide term that includes such things as outdoor play in the early years, environmental education, expeditions, field trips, and so on.




<a href="http://www.naturaltraining.com/training/sales_training/<sales training>Natural Training provides sales training in London and throughout the UK. CHILDREN CAR SEAT REVIEWS  

Children Car Seat Reviews Consumer guide and information on how to ensure your children are protected on the road. Has reviews of major brands like Graco, Britax, Cosco convertible car seats and others. Also find safety ratings explanation and what parents have to do to prevent dangerous child accidents. http://www.bestbuyereviews.com/car-seat-reviews.html 


Title:  Child Adoption Matters

Description:  My site provides you with information and resources to help you in your journey towards adopting the child of your dreams. Including types of adoption, agencies, lawyers, gay adoption, stepchild adoption, fostering, parenting tips and so much more.




Offering many funny and different poems organized into various categories. You will find funny poems about Christmas, friendship, family, love, retirement, Valentine's Day, animals, kids, weddings, and many more.




What is my site about?...

UltimateTube is Christian video-driven social

network. Share and upload  Christian music

Videos and sermon MP3  and explore Christian

faith and the tenets of Christianity.


&Practical Parenting Advice - NeenMachine.com offers up tried and true tips that parents can use to help manage the chaos of everyday family life.nbsp;
Christianity is not just a word but a very important lifestyle and a change of one's heart.   http://www.christianity-beliefs-resources.com/ 


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Fast and easy way to your natural health and

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Moms Work at Home 2 is a resource for moms who want to start their own business and work from home.  We will teach you how to set up, market, and grow your home business.  Learn about home business

Stain-Guide.com offers stain removal advice for almost every spot known to man! Solutions are provided for clothes, fabrics, carpets and upholstery.  

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Chess Puzzle Games for Kids

Chess software and training simulators for kids. Download and play chess tutorial games and puzzles, improve chess skills and visualization technique.


Application Reviews and Press Releases

Mobile Marketing Solutions for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Mac, and PC applications. 




Easy recipes and menus from the world over! If you cant travel there, be there at mealtimes, you'll be glad you did!

Enjoy a total spiritual site encompassing psychic readings, tarot readings and spells.



 Denmark is a site devoted to helping expats and first time visitors to Denmark get more out their experience and acclimate quicker to a new lifestyle


Debt settlement tools provide free online guide, resources and tools to enable a debtor become debt free through debt settlement.


  Enjoy an Astrology and Horoscopes site encompassing zodiac signs and matches.

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society-support groups



You can find new technology news and information, Amazing Nature, Animals.

Read about new inventions, computer software and Art, Amazing Video, new Air Craft, Google updates

                                        Military Online Colleges



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At Best Drug Rehabilitation we have a goal to make every patient that we treat feel as comfortable as possible while they are in our facilities and help every patient through the stages of their addiction treatment, so that each individual can have the best chance to start fresh once they have left our treatment facilities. We do not believe that every individual needs the same kind of treatment.