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cherry tv sex cams183

The cherry TV sex cam is a great new product from Vivid Entertainment that allows couples to share the joy of sex by using a variety of models of LCD TV’s hooked up to a wireless Internet camera. Vivid also has other products like the cherry cam HD, Platinum and Pure Platinum cam models. These are not the same models as the ones that you would buy at Wal-Mart or Kinkos however, because they offer more features, in more attractive packages, for less money. For example, they offer two wireless Internet cameras, two wireless Internet cams, and a free remote with every purchase of a cherry TV. If that’s not enough, Vivid Entertainment also offers many other add-ons such as adult video text chat rooms, webcam kits, masturbation aids, orgasm timers, and thongs.

The cherry TV cam models from Vivid Entertainment are very easy to install, because all they need is a standard RCA cable and some screws to attach them to the back of your TV. Some models also come with their own mounts so you don’t have to spend extra for these. You’ll find some models in three different sizes, from ten inches to sixteen inches, for use in small bedroom areas. Many of the larger models, which are about twenty-eight inches in length, can fit well into a full length bed and be used for intercourse. There are also many other models available from Vivid Entertainment, including ones with high resolution for better sex movies and others with special features such as voice recording.

One thing you should know about cherry TV models is that many cam models available on the market are actually “fake” or hyped up to make them look and feel real. This might be the case with your TV, because it might have been “promoted” as a brand new product on infomercials, when it really isn’t. It’s best to buy a real cherry TV cam from Vivid Entertainment. You can find them online or at many brick and mortar store around your town. A cherry cam can not only help spice up your sex life, but if you’re a little shy, you can just turn it on and watch!

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