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Here are 3 effects of violent crime on victims

When it comes to violent crimes, the American justice system has been designed to severely punish perpetrators. However, what does the system do for the victims and survivors? This is the one question that mostly remains unanswered because merely punishing the perpetrator doesn’t do much in terms of helping victims and survivors get back their lives.
In this article, we are going to look at 4 effects of violent crimes with the intention of giving you a perspective of what victims and survivors continue to go through even after justice has been served.

1 Loss of livelihood

Whenever a victim or survivor experiences a violent crime, they will most likely have to miss a couple of weeks, months or even years of work depending on the extent of their injuries or trauma. This is therefore an extended period that they will go through without earning a livelihood therefore making them dependent on their families or friends.

2 Negative effects on their social interactions

Often, victims and survivors of violent crimes are never able to resume their normal life such as frequenting places they used to because they live in constant fear of a repeat of the ordeal they went through. This tends to affect their ability to socialize with their existing friends or even make new ones.

3 They live with constant guilt

There is a tendency by victims and survivors of violent crimes to start blaming themselves for becoming victims. They always replay the moment in their minds and feel as though they would have done something differently to prevent them from being victims. This type of guilt is never healthy because it may lead them into depression or turn them into aggressors.
There are of course many other effects not to mention PTSD, stress and depression, long recovery periods and so on. As these victims get justice for the crime that was committed on them, their life post the crime must be also considered and a path to recovery facilitated.

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