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Mobile broadband is simply the marketing name for mobile Internet access via a portable electronic modem, USB modem, or an eBook or smart phone or other portable device. The very first mobile Internet access was introduced in 1991 as a part of the first modern cell phone technology upgrade. Since that time there have been numerous advancements in mobile technology and the types of phones with Internet capabilities. A recent upgrade to one of the most popular cell phones, the iPhone has instant access to the Web via its Web browser. This is only one example of mobile broadband Internet. Other examples of popular cell phones with mobile capabilities include Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, and Motorola.

While not all mobile providers offer this type of connection, there are many that do. Most mobile providers offer billigastemobilabonnemang mobile broadband Internet for free with a contract for Internet service. While this is good for customers who want to use the Internet without having to worry about extra charges, it can be limiting for those who take advantage of mobile broadband Internet.

There are a number of different methods to get mobile broadband Internet. Some people choose to buy a computer with a built-in wireless connection while others subscribe to mobile broadband Internet plans directly from wireless providers. In addition, some people subscribe to mobile Internet through their home phone service. This is typically the cheapest way to get online, but if the customer needs to do a great deal of Internet activity then it can become quite expensive. Subscribers should carefully compare mobile broadband service plans before choosing a plan.

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